Can we do a 1 to 1 private workshop instead? 😁

Yes of course!


I know that the group workshops don't work for every brand. You might need private, 1-1 support and for my team to conduct the actual research and my help to hand hold you and your team through formulating your brand strategy.


So, aside from group workshops there is The Brand Strategy Takeoff πŸš€


Read below find out more.

The Private πŸ•΄πŸ½Strategy Workshop

Best suited if you already have a team in place to execute on the full brand strategy, brand identity design, websites and digital communications.
Form medium to large businesses
This 4-day in person, private workshop covers:

Day 1

Business & brand analysis
  • Business structure
  • Brand structure
  • Brand goals
  • Brand solutions

Day 2

Brand Anatomy
  • Brand vision
  • Brand values
  • Brand mission
  • Brand promise
  • Brand responsibility, ethics & sustainability
Brand Messaging
  • Brand personality
  • Brand voice & tone
  • Brand pitch
  • Brand name
  • Brand slogan/tagline
  • Brand story

Day 3

Market & positioning
  • Brand target audience
  • Brand demographics
  • Brand personas
  • Brand journey & mapping
  • Brand experience
  • Brand competition
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand differentiation (Advanced USP)

Day 4

Research & decision
  • Brand market & trend research
  • Brand positioning research
  • Brand audience research
  • Brand demographics research
  • Brand journey research
  • Brand experience research
  • Brand competitor research
  • Brand perception research
  • Brand advocacy research
  • Brand loyalty research
Bonus: Access to a private inner circle of designers, marketers & strategists.
Bonus: Lifetime access to my private brand strategy online community with courses, regular calls, catchups, meetups and events.
Bonus: Full brand identity design and website design/development consultation & strategy
Bonus: Post workshop follow up and brand consultation every 6 months for 3 years.

from Β£12,999