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"From the first session, he took the lead where he needed to and Kiki's attentive manner meant I felt I was being heard. Most important for me is minimal handholding and Kiki nailed this - he got on with the work and it was clear he is an expert in his space. What I also love is how Kiki has helped manage and direct my brand so that it is consistent across my online presence. Thrilled we connected. Thanks again!"

Richard Moore

Founder & Sales Coach, R Moore Consulting Ltd

"Kiki has helped me become a better marketer and I would whole heartily recommend working with him. I've attended 2 of his brand-building events in London and had the privilege of interviewing him on my podcast. His knowledge of branding and positioning is unparalleled, and he has a natural ability to break things down in a way that's easy to understand. If I ever need help with branding, he'll be the first person I call. And if anyone I knew needed help, he'd be the first person I recommend."

Georgia Brady

Marketing Exec, Elevey

“Kiki has been fantastic at helping me brand a number of my businesses in the Property and Hospitality sectors… everything from strategy to bespoke logo graphic design, bespoke menu design, to websites and e-commerce. Always happy to help, advise and go the extra mile to make sure myself as a client was happy with the finished product. Can’t recommend Kiki highly enough. Superb service.”

Emilio Paiva De Britto

Founder, Ice Rock Cafe

“I highly recommend Kiki, he has a lot of integrity, works hard and is dedicated to achieving customers aims and goals. He has done a lot of work for our companies, with branding and building our websites. I would whole heartedly suggest anyone looking for branding and developing their business to approach 9 Designs and Kiki. It will make a world of difference and help accelerate the growth of your business. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your help.”

Dr. Marttand Patel

Founder, Sunshine Endeavors

"I’ve attend several of Kiki's brand building events and Kiki knowledge and expertise in branding has shifted the way I have developed and shaped my business. Kiki’s original style and delivery really does make him and what he shared really impactful .I am so glad to have come across him this year and look forward to continuing to attend and work with him."

Suman Randhawa

Founder, Luxury Of Business

"Amazing service. Massively over delivers. Great communication throughout and goes the extra mile to ensure your work is to a high standard. Kiki’s values strongly align with his business which is to deliver excellent service and value to his customers. Couldn’t recommend higher."

Tanner H. Hicks

Founder & Business Coach,
Property Entrepreneurs Club

“Kiki has taken Direct Vitality to the next level we needed of becoming one of the UK's leading vegan supplement providers. We required a full brand design initially but now we continue to work with him for all our website design, development and ongoing company design and marketing. He's extremely professional, attentive, has outstanding design capabilities and manages projects competently and in a timely manner.”

Nish Patel

Founder, Direct Vitality

"Kiki where do I start, the most tolerant and innovative Brand Specialist you could ever meet! The Elevey journey has been amazing! The workshops for the Brand Strategy were so on point Kiki pulled so much information out of us in a fun but strategic way, each section we completed, we discussed and then the results that came from Kiki and the team were so aligned to us it was magical. The whole process was fun and insightful and the end result just showed us how invaluable the workshops have been. The colours, the name, our identity design and web design so "us" and all because Kiki listened he learnt about us, he worked with us so well that the end result has been perfect. I cannot recommend Kiki enough he has a real power that you can only admire! The FUN Brand Strategist is the perfect name for Kiki!"

Sally Brady

Founder, Elevey

“Kiki delivers excellent Brand Management workshops. Not only are they informative and digestible, he uses slides/a deck that help what he is advocating as a visual aid. I would highly recommend his workshops and consultancy to any business and  individual(s) who need a brand strategy, or who are engaged with continuous learning and development.”

Matt Hollings

Business Development Manager, Travel Matters

"What stands out about Kiki is his positive energy, relentless dedication, strong branding expertise, and his work toward a higher purpose. Since day one, we’ve been on the same wavelength. When I received the invitation to work with him and his team on a project in the positive impact space, I was enthusiastic. Kiki demonstrated strong leadership, gave a clear sense of direction, organized a meticulous client workshop, and provided all the information needed to complete the copywriting part. He has a clear understanding of all the components needed to build a unique and differentiated brand. Beyond that, Kiki is smart, entertaining, human, and can easily empathize with others. I’d recommend working with Kiki anytime, you’ll expand your horizons and grow further together!"

Barbora Pocuchova

Founder, Barborelle

“Kiki creates not only great brands, but great visions too. He's able to execute on the theory, and the practical parts of it too, so that you are actually able to see results in your business. If you're looking for someone who can take your brand to great heights, then Kiki is your man!”

Aidan Lee

Founder, FitRoots

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"Anyone starting a business should
join this workshop!"
- Llyod, founder

"I've gained a massive amount of clarity from the workshop. lots to take away to create an incredibly strong brand!"
- payal, founder

"We Got Thinking And Talking About The Things We Haven't Discussed Before!"
- Joseph, MArketer

"This Workshop Has Been Really Insightful! Brand Strategy Is So Important For Startups!" - Kavita, Founder

"THIS has given me the blueprint for my brand to go and work on now." - stefan, Founder

"100% recommend the brand strategy workshop to anyone working on their own business" - Lara, Founder


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